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E-Sign Disclosure Agreement: The E-Sign Disclosure Agreement allows us to provide you all communications via electronics means. This means fast and convenient communications will be sent through e-mail regarding your purchase, credit application, billing information, etc.
Credit Agreement Terms and Conditions: The Credit Agreement Terms and Conditions outlines all of your essential credit terms with MDG as it relate to your account specifically. By clicking the checkbox next to the Revolving Credit Agreement title and the “I Accept” button below, you will be acknowledging your acceptance of these terms. Please note that no interest or fees are charged to your account until your product has been shipped to you.
Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement: The Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement allows MDG to setup your pre-authorized debit payments to your bank account. Pre-authorized debits are a fast, convenient and easy method of payment as opposed to traditional paper methods.
Order Summary: Your Order Summary outlines your current purchase details by item and amount. Contact your sales representative if there are any discrepancies on your purchase order.
Main source of money/income is defined as the money you earn/receive on a regular basis, such as:
  • Regular pay you receive from your employer, either by check or direct deposit
  • Regular payments you receive from the government, either by check or direct deposit (Examples: Social Security, Pension, Unemployment, etc.)
  • Regular money you may receive from others sources (Examples: Spousal Support, Child Support, Self-Employment, etc.
We will consider all methods of main sources of money/income when reviewing your order, but please note that if your main source of money/income is not described above, we will have to assess this on an account by account basis.

Please note that a bank account is NOT a prepaid card or money card. Do not enter prepaid card or money card information. A prepaid card or money card is a card account that (1) is not a bank account and (2) does not have a routing or account number given by a bank. How to tell if your account is a prepaid card or money card:
  • You were not asked to open a bank account, or
  • You cannot pay bills by check from your card account, or
  • You were not asked to complete a credit check to get your card in the mail, or
  • It was given to you by a company that also sells you products such as, groceries, clothing, furniture, electronics, and other similar products offered in retail stores, or
  • The company that gave you the card advertised it as a “prepaid visa card”, “prepaid mastercard”, “gift card” or
  • You were given the card by someone else as a gift card
Some examples of prepaid cards or money cards include DirectExpress, WalMart Money Card, NetSpend, Aline Card by ADP, etc.

If you were provided a debit card while opening your bank account, you may enter the routing and account number associated with that bank account if you deposit your main source of money/income into that bank account.

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