Cost of Ownership Calculator Tool
To help you estimate the total cost of your purchase when financed with your Revolving Credit Account, enter the entire order Total from your Cart Summary in the calculator tool below. Calculations are for estimation purposes only and should not be considered your final total cost or as a quotation. Your actual Biweekly Payment Amount, Number of Payments and Total Cost including finance charges depends on various factors. To outline some of the factors, there may be differences between the calculator tool and your actual balance outstanding on your Revolving Credit Account, credit terms, and payment record.
Please note that Optional Purchases such as ProtectLine Account Protection (“ProtectLine”), and any other optional products or services you might be offered, are not included in the Total Cost including finance charges.
Total from your Cart Summary (including shipping handling and taxes if applicable):
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Cost of Ownership Detailed Catalogue
This chart details the total number of payments and the time period to repay the amount owing on a single item purchased at the advertised biweekly payment. It assumes you will pay the Biweekly Advertised Payment each and every biweekly period, on or before the payment due date, except for the last Biweekly Advertised Payment, which may require a smaller payment to pay off the balance in full. You may increase your payments or pay off the entire balance anytime without penalty.
Cart Summary Total (Advertised Product Price + Shipping, Handling, Taxes if applicable)
Please note: all figures in the Cost of Ownership Detailed Catalogue are calculated using the value from the “To” column. For example, using the range listed in the Cart Summary Total, From $1 To $199, calculations provided are based on a Cart Summary Total of $199.
Biweekly Advertised Payment
Number of Biweekly Payments
Total Cost including finance charges
Number of Biweekly Payments
Total Cost including finance charges
Number of Biweekly Payments
Total Cost including finance charges
Based on 35.95% APR
Based on 28.95% APR
Based on 18.95% APR
$1 $199 $13.99 16 $222.86 16 $217.73 16 $210.82
$200 $399 $13.99 37 $510.37 35 $482.39 33 $448.76
$400 $599 $17.91 46 $808.67 43 $752.90 39 $688.73
$600 $799 $23.89 46 $1,078.68 43 $1,004.28 39 $918.69
$800 $999 $29.87 46 $1,348.68 43 $1,255.67 39 $1,148.65
$1,000 $1,199 $31.05 56 $1,723.61 51 $1,574.36 46 $1,412.35
$1,200 $1,399 $36.23 56 $2,011.10 51 $1,836.96 46 $1,647.93
$1,400 $1,599 $38.85 62 $2,377.91 56 $2,148.40 50 $1,906.89
$1,600 $1,799 $41.38 67 $2,764.30 60 $2,470.01 53 $2,169.95
$1,800 $1,999 $45.98 67 $3,071.63 60 $2,744.62 53 $2,411.20
$2,000 $2,199 $50.58 67 $3,378.96 60 $3,019.22 53 $2,652.44
$2,200 $2,399 $55.18 67 $3,686.29 60 $3,293.83 53 $2,893.68
$2,400 $2,599 $59.78 67 $3,993.62 60 $3,568.44 53 $3,134.93
$2,600 $2,799 $64.38 67 $4,300.95 60 $3,843.04 53 $3,376.17
$2,800 $2,999 $68.98 67 $4,608.28 60 $4,117.65 53 $3,617.41
$3,000 $3,199 $73.58 67 $4,915.61 60 $4,392.25 53 $3,858.66
Although we make every effort to ensure accuracy of our information, occasional descriptive or typographical errors may occur. Regrettably, we will not be able to honor errors of this nature.


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