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Whirlpool Cabrio 4.3 Cu. Ft. 12-Cycle Top-Loading Washer
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Give clothes a deep clean and gentle care with the Whirlpool® 4.3 cu. ft. top load washer. The Quick Wash cycle can wash small loads in as little as 28 minutes by using increased spin speeds. Automatic water levels regulate the amount of water in this top load washer. The low-profile impeller helps give clothes a thorough yet gentle clean. Its seamless surface and unique vanes drive clothes from the outer rim to the center of this large capacity washer's Smooth Wave stainless steel wash basket, where the deepest cleaning happens.
Features Adapts to your load
Adaptive Wash technology uses sensors to determine the fabric type and soil conditions of each load. Then it automatically adjusts up to 11 different washing motions to provide the right care and cleaning for your clothes.
Low-profile impeller provides thorough yet gentle cleaning
The impeller's seamless surface and unique vanes drive clothes from the outer rim to the center of the wash drum, where the deepest cleaning happens.
Large 4.3 cu. ft. capacity
Do more laundry in fewer loads. Wash 25 or more bath towels or a queen-sized comforter in a single load..
12 wash cycles for customized cleaning
Lets you choose the perfect cycle for your load. Includes Normal, Heavy Duty, Quick Wash, Bulky Items, Casual, Deep Water Wash and more.
No more soaking outside the washer
Give your clothes time to soak before the wash cycle starts by simply selecting the Presoak option.
Deep Water Wash cycle
Helps eliminate the need for pretreating by helping to break down heavy soils.
Clean Washer cycle
Deep-fills the washer to clean areas that low-water systems don't typically reach.
Choose the right water temperature for your clothes
Five temperature settings help you ensure the water will never be too hot for your fabrics or too cold for your detergent to work properly.
Vibration control keeps your washer quiet
Gap dampers and springs minimize movement of the wash drum during the spin cycle, so your normal household activities won't be interrupted by noise.
Top-load design
Lets you load and unload from a standing position. Plus, you can easily add forgotten items to the load once it's started.
Smooth Wave stainless steel wash drum
Helps protect fabrics from fraying and snags.
Dimensions Product Height: 42.25 inches
Product Width: 27.5 inches
Product Depth: 28 inches
Weight: 150 Pounds
Capacity: 4.3 cubic feet
Vibration Reduction Yes
Agitator Type Yes
Washer Load Type Top Load
Maximum Spin Speed
660 revolutions per minute
Automatic Temperature Control Yes
Child Lock Yes
Bleach Dispenser
Cycle Specifications
Number of Wash/Rinse Cycles: 6
Wash/Rinse Cycles: Casual, Normal, Delicate, Rinse & Spin, Clean Water, Drain & Spin
Options and Programs: Water Level, Fabric Softner
Number of Temperature Settings: 5
Temperature Settings: 5
Number of Spin Speeds: 2
Electrical Specification
Estimated Annual Electricity Use: 300 kilowatt hours
Estimated Annual Operating Cost: 16 United States dollars
Amperage: 15 amperes
Voltage: 120 volts
Fill Hoses Included: No
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Whirlpool Cabrio 4.3 Cu. Ft. 12-Cycle Top-Loading Washer

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