KANO Computer Kit Touch
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The Computer Kit Touch is a touchscreen computer anyone can make, like LEGO. Build and code your own Raspberry Pi 3-powered portable computer, with a 10.1'" HD screen, speaker, wireless keyboard, sound sensor and battery. Understand how touch controls work, look inside and see how a computer is made. Tall and small, young and young at heart, anyone can do it. Simple and fun, no technical wizardry required. Once built, learn to code as a means to a creative end. Make art, hack Minecraft, paint with your fingers, make music, with 100's of step-by-step challenges guiding the learning experience. It lets anyone get familiar with real coding languages like Javascript or Python through simple steps and beginner-friendly projects.
Features Ages 6+
Learn to code with 100+ creative challenges and stories
Make art, games, and music. Hack Minecraft to do something new.
Play with Google's Song Maker. Browse the internet, watch YouTube, write stories, 100+ apps.
Endless play with Kano World. Remix 660,000+ creations made by the Kano community.
For ages 6+. No technical knowledge required. Includes Lifetime Care and 1-year warranty.
Board Raspberry Pi 3: 1.2GHz quad Cortex A53 - 64bit
Connectivity USB: 7 USB ports
WiFi: 802.11n Wireless LAN
HDMI: 1 port
Sound: 3.5mm analogue audio
Power Battery: 3,000 mAh Lithium
Rechargeable: Yes
Duration: 3 hours constant play
Storage Micro SD: 16GB
Screen Touchscreen: 10.1” HD - 1280x800
Keyboard Connection: USB wireless dongle
Range: 15m
Battery: 40hr
Peripherals Speaker: DIY Speaker - 2w
Microphone: USB Sensor
Operating System Kano OS: Version 4.0
Parental Information Computer Kit Touch for all ages, parental help may be needed for ages 6 to 8, no technical knowledge required. 3 levels of parental controls.
What's in the kit? USB Board
DIY Speaker
HDMI Cable
Blocks x 3
Screen Case
Power Cables
Touchscreen Cable
Custom Raspberry Pi
Power Board
SD Card
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KANO Computer Kit Touch

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