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Tosot 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner in White
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Non-Member: $449 $1.00 /day $ 13.99 /biweekly*   
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This Tosot portable air conditioner will keep you cool and dry on hot, humid summer evenings. This A/C unit works as both an air conditioner and dehumidifier and boasts 10,000 BTUs of power and can cool up to a 350-sq. ft. room. This unit has 3 different fan speeds and 4-way adjustable air direction for even air distribution. Easily adjust the cooling settings with the unit’s digital display controls and remote control. 
Key Features:
Portable unit with a single-hose and 10,000 BTU combination air conditioner and de humidifier for powerful and versatile temperature control

Can cool a room up to 350-sq. ft.

Fans and Cooling Modes:
This unit features 3 different fan speeds for your cooling needs and 4-way adjustable air direction to circulate cool air throughout the room

Dehumidifier mode to remove moisture from the air

Precisely adjust the temperature with the digital display and controls and remote control

Programmable thermostat to change coolness levels to your comfort

Additional Features:
Equipped with casters for easy mobility

Programmed to restart automatically after a power failure

Washable and reusable air filter to save you money on replacement filters

Remote controller with two AAA bateries included

Dimensions (WxHxD):
13.39" x 30.77" x 15.51"

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