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Alta Plush 11” King Mattress Set Mattress and Foundation
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Non-Member: $1099 $2.14 /day $ 29.90 /biweekly*   
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Prepare to be blown away by this plush smooth-top, pocket spring mattress. This 11” medium mattress provides you with an amazing level of plush comfort.This mattress comes equipped with a foundation frame and foundation cover. The foundation frame can be hooked up to headboard and/or foot board. No need to sacrifice structure for comfort, this plush mattress still has a good amount of structure and support.
For convenience, this mattress is compressed and rolled in a box so that it is easily shipped and set up in any home!
Great For:
This mattress is a great mattress for those who want the feel of a plush mattress but the support of a firmer mattress. While still a plush mattress, it is still quite structured.

Pocket spring technology high spring count foam encased

Pocket Spring Technology:
While traditional open coiled mattresses move as one unit, pocket spring mattresses move independently of one another, meaning you are less likely to disturb your partner’s sleep while ensuring you both keep your posture. Pocket spring mattresses feature individual springs sewn into individual pockets of the fabric, that provide more body support than traditional open coiled mattresses which feature interconnected springs.

High Spring Count:
The high spring count means the mattress will contour your body more effectively, and individually enclosed springs ensure the coils stay secure inside the mattress for years.

Spring Count: 783

Foam Encased:
This mattress is foam encased, which is a 3-4-inch border that runs along the edge of the mattress and extends the life of a mattress’s comfort pockets and surface.

Set Includes:
Mattress, foundation frame, foundation cover

76" x 80"

For convenience, this mattress is compressed and rolled in a box so that it is easily shipped and set up in any home! Easily moved into any room without difficulty, fits easily around tight corners and up stairs.

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